Thursday, October 31, 2013

It's Official I'm Back

So I have some good news to my followers. I have fixed the technical issues with my domain carrier and have ordered myself a computer. This means that Tenkara Elevated is back in business. I also just enrolled in school to be a web designer and will be improving my site as I learn different things. I appreciate all the follows and would encourage you to check back often as the content will be update on a regular basis. Also starting this spring I will be offering my services to those who want to explore the great tenkara waters Utah has to offer. I figured I have guided both fresh and saltwater and I'm professionally trained, why not merge my passion for tenkara with my vast fly fishing experience. Note I am not in competition with other guide outfits and will not discuss what others do or don't do. Anyway hopefully my sight will become a place you can find information about all things tenkara and you will find my passion for tenkara to be contagious. Mahalo for stopping by and look for new post in early November 2013.

                                                   Tenkara Elevated.

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  1. Great to have you back. Always found your viewpoints on tenkara interesting.