Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tenkara Growth

 With time comes growth. This is true, even in something as simple as tenkara. Not so much growth to have more flies or complexity in leader construction but to have and rely on less. Growth in tenkara is knowing that one pattern can catch fish in every situation because you have an array of approaches and techniques you use to impart different actions to your kebari. Growth in tenkara is knowing simplicity usually wins out over flash and complexity. Tenkara is not a style of fishing meant for slick talking show men. Hence why most of this caliber find themselves moving away from tenkara and delving more into targeting carp with leaders that take twenty minutes to set up and flies that way more then your average soda pop. It's exciting and fun and I'm right there watching the videos, enjoying every moment. To me tenkara is about humility and being humble and I find myself reminding myself of this each day. Perhaps growth in tenkara is when you finally stop worrying about the world around you and fish. Maybe that is the secret to true growth in tenkara, or maybe growth is merely left for each of us to figure out on our own. To make this clear I have a set way I fish tenkara and believe tenkara to be, but I am not saying anyone else's way is wrong, just depends on your definition and what you hope to achieve. I hope to one day have grown enough in tenkara that I no longer find myself scoffing or judging what is or is not true tenkara in my head. I'll admit that I am not there completely yet, but I am working hard to have and open mind and heart, to know in the end, we all found tenkara for different reasons and see different paths to take it. Some want to push the envelope, while others want to honor the past, and still there are others who could care less and just want to fish. I hope this is not found offensive to anyone and everyone can appreciate my honest feelings. Good luck in your growth and journey to find your tenkara.

                                                      Tenkara Elevated

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  1. You are a simple man indeed. You sure know how to stand out and stay above average in this simple and strategic sport.